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little problems with HylaFAX

Dear readers, I'm here to ask for some help with the program (you knew it,
didn't you?) I just installed v4.0pl0, and I'm having two kind of 
different problems: 
1 MacFLEX problems, does someone know the new address to get in touch with
2 sendfax problem (this is the worst): look at this transcript and
(please) tell me what I'm doing wrong:

argon:~$ sendfax -c"commento" -d"Gigliola Merusi@09421835" -x "Camping HELIOPOL
IS" -r "argomento del fax" -v newfile.ps > logging
match against (..., 512)
rule: offset 0 string = "%!" -- success (result postscript, rule "")
Apply DisplayNumber rules to "09421835"
--> return result "09421835"
COVER SHEET "/usr/local/bin/faxcover -c 'commento' -f 'Lorenzo M. Catucci' -n '09421835' -s 'default' -t 'Gigliola Merusi' -p '1'"
request id is 59 (group id 59) for host localhost (1 file)

Hope someone could help me...


lorenzo maria catucci

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