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Problems building Hylafax under dUNIX v4.0


I'm trying to build Hylafax under Digital UNIX v4.0 on an alpha system.
The rev of Hylafax is v4.0pl1.  I'm performing the build using gcc

I ran into some problems initially that were fixed by turning off the
part of the configuration - for some reason the configure does not do
automatically.  Anyway, the build proceeds merrily until we get to one 
location and we get an unresolved loader error:

/usr/local/bin/gcc      -I.././zlib                       -D__ANSI_CPP__
-I. -I.. -I.././util  -I.././util -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/include -g
-O -o faxinfo faxinfo.o   -L/usr/local/lib  ../util/libfaxutil.a
../port/libport.a -L/usr/local/lib -ltiff -L../zlib -lz  -lutil -lm -lc 
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1

Now this va_start function is according to the man pages for dUNIX
a part of the standard libc.a - and so should be linked in just
fine at this point.  However I can find no such definition by
doing an "ar -t" on the library.  The curious thing is that a
bunch of earlier routines that also use va_start() - its used up 
the wazoo all over the package - build just fine.  Any ideas what's
causing the problem - why is it that faxinfo causes the problem??

Thanks in advance.

Paul Scowen
ASU - Astronomy

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