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Strange client-server problems on NetBSD

	I'm attempting to run Hylafax-4.0pl1 on NetBSD-1.2 (i386).  I
get the following response whether I start hfaxd -i hylafax or from
inetd with -I and whether I use telnet, faxstat -v or sendpage -v to
communicate with it.  I gather that it's trying to create the
secondary communications connection, but is failing.

[2:108:408]root@strike:/var/spool/fax> faxstat -v
Trying localhost ( at port 4559...
Connected to localhost.pci.on.ca.
420 strike.pci.on.ca server cannot initialize: Could not create client/6590: Input/output error

	Hylafax required quite a few modifications to get it to
compile on NetBSD.  I'm willing to accept that we have bug related to
some misunderstanding here.  I will submit a set of diffs to make it
compile better when I have this (and other problems licked).


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