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Re: problem with setup up server in a linux machine.


   We are on the same boat. I actually got a little farther than you. ;-)
But I haven't been able to make it run completely. Somehow, the fax server
does not go up. It has connection problems.

   Let me tell you what to do with the faxseup script.

   When you run the fax setup, somehow, the shell script has some default
values for programs that automatically add/remove a user from the
/etc/passwd file. Those values are wrong for linux. At least, under
Slackware there is no useradd command.

   Check the file /usr/local/sbin/faxsetup.linux (or wherever you
faxsetup script is installed) and you will see the default values. The
correct command is /sbin/adduser without parameters (the parameters the
script has for useradd don't work). However, you have to
be sure the user and group id's are the same as the UUCP "user" and that
the password is "*". The easiest test is to rename that file to something
like /usr/local/sbin/faxsetup.linux.copy and re-run the faxsetup
script. You will see that the process will stop with an error saying
that it was not able to add the fax user.

   Add the user by hand. Just edit the file /etc/passwd and copy the line
with the configuration for uucp. Change the short name to "fax", the full
name to "Fax User" or something similar, the work directory to
"/var/spool/fax", and the shell to "/bin/false". The user id is 10 and the
user id is 14 by default. You "must" use the same numbers (as far as I

   After you have created the user "fax", re-run the faxsetup script. It
will find that the user fax already exists and that has the correct
values. The rest of the process should run smoothly. I also got some
warnings about the files /sbin/vgetty and sbin/egetty. I understand they
are no "vital", because they are used only if you have a voice option for
the modem.

   If you finish sucessfully, then you will be in the same situation as I
am. :-(

   I also have a loopback setup with Linux kernel 2.0.27. My modem is USR
Courier V.Everything. I have not been able to make the "hfaxd -i 4559" to
run correctly. Somehow, it is not able to establish the connection and the
fax server is never up.

   Everytime I do "faxstat" or try to run any other command, I always get
an error message saying "Service not available".

   I am not sure whether you need "faxq" to send faxes. I think I read
that it is useful only if you want to maintain queues.

   Let me know if you are able to make the fax server to run and what
changes you made. Notice that the "hosts" files should be accesible by
everyone and that it should contain


   That's all I know.... Good luck,


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