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No way to send faxex with hylafax and US-Robotics Courier modem


I have installed Hylafax provided by BSD/OS 2.1 (version 3.0). I am using a 
USRobotics Courier HST Dual Standard V.34 Fax-modem and I have run 
successfully 'faxaddmodem' to configure Hylafax. This one has found the modem 
model and give me the choice of Class 1 or 2.0. I have chosen the second one.

I have launch the command 'faxq -m tty00' (I have checked with 'tip tty00' 
that everything is OK).
Now my problem is that when I try to do 'sendfax' a document, I have this 
error message in logs :

Jan 20 11:16:45 epiphore FaxQueuer[17504]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 3.0pl1113
Jan 20 11:16:45 epiphore FaxQueuer[17504]: Copyright (c) 1990-1995 Sam Leffler
Jan 20 11:16:45 epiphore FaxQueuer[17504]: Copyright (c) 1991-1995 Silicon 
ics, Inc.
Jan 20 11:19:37 epiphore FaxQueuer[17504]: SUBMIT JOB "sendq/q1"
Jan 20 11:20:01 epiphore FaxSend[17532]: /dev/tty00: Can not deduce modem type.

I don't know why it is trying to deduce modem type since it is already defined 
in config.tty00. Anyway,
AT+FCLASS=? return :

Any idea about this problem ? Thanks a llot in advance for your help.

Gildas PERROT, perrot@francenet.fr         __o
FranceNet, 28 rue Desaix, 75015 Paris ---_ \<,_
http://www.francenet.fr            ---- (_)/ (_)

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