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Re: help me upgrade, please

> I have HylaFax4.0pl0 installed in my system, and I compiled pl1. Now I
> want to install pl1, but I'm affraid just making "make install"
> without "faxsetup" could not be enough.
> Please, take away my fears, and tell me I don't need to reconfigure it
> all, and "make install" is enough...
> I'm waiting for this to upgrade...

Yes, it should be fine.  Make sure that NONE of the executables from pl0 
are running when you do the "make install".  For example, hfaxd, faxgetty,

If you have done customization to any files ( faxcover.ps, notify,... ),
I would make a backup copy of them as well, just to make sure.  The install
script SHOULD notice that they are different & put a message "Local Changes
to XXXX", but it's better to be save than sorry.

The config files won't be touched, & all should be OK.

Good Luck,
	Steve Williams, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
	Genie Computer Systems Inc.

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