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RESENT : PS -> TIFF bad quality (text crushed)


I am using Hylafax 3.0pl1 provided on BSD/OS 2.1 and I configured it to send 
email by faxes using 'faxmail | sendfax' command.  I found that the quality of 
fax output was bad (text crushed, ie wider that higher). The PS output of 
faxmail is OK. On the other side, the TIFF output of 'ps2fax' is as bad as the 
fax output. The problem seems to come from the utility but how to solve it ? 
Does the upgrade to 4.0pl1 will solve it ?

Thanks in advance for your help.		Gildas.
Gildas PERROT, perrot@francenet.fr         __o
FranceNet, 28 rue Desaix, 75015 Paris ---_ \<,_
http://www.francenet.fr            ---- (_)/ (_)

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