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Re: Smarter sendpage ?

Bruno Lopes F. Cabral wrote:
    I'm successfully using sendpage / pagesend to deliver pager
    messages to our local pager company. I'm wondering if, as IXO
    protocol allows to send more than one message per call,
    pagesend could do it instead of placing a single call for 
    every pager message.
    Perhaps it could run through the pager queue looking whom 
    will be using the same pager company number and join them 
    altogether, or something that way.
    Sorry if this post would be considered off-topic or if I'm
    soo stupidy that missed something on the docs/FAQ on this.

see line 52 of hylafax-v4.0pl1/TODO:
M  batch multiple jobs to the same destination (important for pages)

feel free to provide a patch for it; the work should be done in
faxq(1M) and faxq(1M) should start pagesend(1M) with more then
one qfile;


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