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Re: conversion script not found

Tim Tsai wrote:
      OK, I've installed HylaFAX 4.0pl1 a zillion times and the result seems to be
    the same each time.  I am sure I am missing a simple step somewhere but
    I am not having any luck getting this working.  Here's the message whenever
    I try to send an outgoing fax (incoming fax works).  Any ideas?  Note
    that it seems to have trouble with ps2fax, but I can run it from the
    command line just fine.

for me this looks like your PostScript-to-TIFF converter (perhaps
ghostscript) causes this problem; try running ps2fax(1M) with
exactly the same file and the same arguments as used by faxq(1M);
if you're unsure about the arguments just hack a line into ps2fax(1M)

	echo $* >> /tmp/ps2faxArguments

    Your facsimile job to 8404056 was not sent because
    the document conversion script was not found.
        ---- Unsent job status ----
       Destination: 8404056
             JobID: 4
           GroupID: 4
            Sender: Root
          Mailaddr: root@mail.futuresouth.com
    Submitted From: localhost.futuresouth.com
        Page Width: 215 (mm)
       Page Length: 279 (mm)
        Resolution: 98 (lpi)
            Status: Unrecoverable error: invalidexit in .stop
    Operand stack:
        true  Courier-Bold  17732  Courier-Bold  --nostringval--
    Unexpected interpreter error -8.
    Error object: (f80)op(132:.stop)0x306a4
    Operand stack at 0xe037c:
    0xec094: 0x11 save -nF------ 0x05d4 0x0000000b
    0xec09c: 0x0d name -nS------ 0x04dc 0x00296a90 = Courier-Bold
    0xec0a4: 0x0b int  -nF------ 0x0000 0x00004544 = 17732
    0xec0ac: 0x0d name -nS------ 0x04dc 0x00296a90 = Courier-Bold
    0xec0b4: 0x01 bool --F------ 0x0000 0x00000001 = true
    Execution stack at 0xdf47c:
    0xed9fc: 0x0f oper --F---e-- 0x0000 0x000271f0 = %interp_exit
    0xeda04: 0x12 str  --F-rxe-- 0x0000 0x00000000 = 
    0xeda0c: 0x03 file --L-rxe-- 0x0001 0x000f6040
    0xeda14: 0x0e null --F---e-- 0x0000 0x0003244c
    0xeda1c: 0x03 file --S-rxe-- 0x0001 0x000e70c4
    0xeda24: 0x0f oper --F---e-- 0x0000 0x0003240c = %runexec_finish
    0xeda2c: 0x03 file --S-rxe-- 0x0001 0x000e70c4
    0xeda34: 0x04 arry --Lwrxe-- 0x0007 0x000f745c
    0xeda3c: 0x05 mpry --G-rxe-- 0x0039 0x00133b9e
    Dictionary stack at 0xdf534:
    0xee22c: 0x02 dict --Gwrx--- 0x0000 0x000ef034
    0xee234: 0x02 dict --Gwrx--- 0x0000 0x0029c4e0
    0xee23c: 0x02 dict --Lwrx--- 0x0000 0x000f4088
    0xee244: 0x02 dict --Lwrx--- 0x0000 0x000f62d4
           Dialogs: 0 (exchanges with remote device)
             Dials: 0 (consecutive failed calls to destination)
             Calls: 0 (total phone calls placed)
             Pages: 0 (pages transmitted)
          TotPages: 0 (total pages to transmit)
          Attempts: 0 (attempts to send current page)
            Dirnum: 0 (directory of next page to send)
        ---- Documents submitted for transmission ----
    The following documents were submitted for transmission and are
    available on the server for reuse until they are automatically
    purged when this job is removed.  Documents may also be manually
    removed using the faxrm command; consult faxrm(1) for information.
    Filename                 Size Type
    docq/doc4.ps.4           5766 PostScript

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