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Re: mailing list answers...

Gabriel Fernandez wrote:
    > I know you have done a great job in writing the docs. I really appreaciate 
    > that. However, to give here on the list only "Oracle" answers, like look 
    > there, look this is not funny anymore, especially when this answers are 
    > just a more work.
       I do agree with Ronald on this one. For such simple questions whoever
    gives the answer should give a straight answer instead of making people
    wander inside hundreds of messages, which, most of the time don't give you
    an answer either.

Sorry, but I don't agree. The only way to understand what's going
on and what should be done is *reading* the docs. And if you're
asking such questions and get a hint where to start reading it's
a good idea to follow this hint or ignore it. But blaming like
"I was asking where to find the wood and you're were telling
me: take this map..." is not a good way. Sorry.
       Matthias, I know it is not easy to compile a FAQ list, but I consider
    that an answer for a FAQ entry should contain a complete explanation of
    why the problem is happening and how to solve it. Most of the answers
    actually confuse you more than you were before you read them.

The HylaFAQ is mostly a collection of questions and answers from
the list (together with pointers into the man pages and so on as
you explained in your other email). BTW: I want to take this other
email as Q33 of the next FAQ. These answers are only hints where
to go with your problem or what could be the reason or what could be
done next. And: the answers are as good as the answers in the list :-)

If you find a specific answer is wrong or nonsense or missleading
just point me to the number an I'll fix (delete) it.
       Another suggestion is that you should _not_ add the message without
    proofreading it. There are many grammar mistakes and some of the messages
    are difficult to understand because of the poor writing style.

The answers (mostly) are emails from the list and each email has
an author. I can't change things in the text and say: this is
what Gabriel Fernandez was saying about this topic. I only
change URL's if they get outdated and add HTML-style.

(Please excuse me for my grammar and my pure english.)
       I hope nobody takes this personally. I understand the amount of work
    that everyone in this list  must have and the inmensurable number of
    messages and problems one receives during the day. However, consider also
    that when a person posts a message in the list is often frustrated and
    does not take "black humor" easily.

If one is frustrated about a HylaFAX problem it's a good idea
to shutdown the server and start reading :-)

Trust me. I was so happy, happy like a young boy again (I'm 41 now :-( )
I solved my first HylaFAX problem by myself and wrote a note to
the list: there is a bug in XXX and this is the solution and
the patch...


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