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Re: hyla.conf and sendfax.conf files?

jackb@pgw.picker.com wrote:
    System: Dec Alpha 3600
    OS:     DU 3.2d
    Hylafax: 4.0pl1
    Thanks to info I received from Hylafax users who read this list, I
    can now send and receive faxes fine with my MT2834ZDX modem.
    I have another question.  I've read through most of the man pages and checked
    the htmls docs as well as the FAQ.  I see references to the configuration
    files hyla.conf and sendfax.conf files which are supposed to reside in
    /usr/local/lib/fax.  There is also reference to the file .hylarc.
    I have none of these files.  Are these still used?  Are there example files
    or templates somewhere?

The files are only used if they exist and there are no example files
for sendfax.conf hyla.conf and .hylarc;


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