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Re: Modem getting wedged

I'd reccomend running faxgetty anyway; apparantly HylaFAX (and you will get
flamed unless you capitalize it correctly :) is much happier that way.  I
believe it can be configured to recognize (or ignore) incoming
data/voice/etc. calls.

If you're dead-set against running faxgetty, you need to (crossing my
fingers that I've remembered this correctly) run the faxaddmodem program to
inform HylaFAX that you have a non-faxgetty'ized modem for outgoing fax.  I
think that doing this munges some of the status information - people report
their modems are perpetually "Waiting for modem to come ready"...


At 02:41 PM 2/12/97 -0500, Todd Knaus wrote:
>Dear Fellow Hylafax users,
>I am new to this list so please forgive me if this topic has been covered. 
>I just installed the new Hylafax v4.0pl1 on a BSDI 2.1 Unix box.  Before
>doing so however I removed all references to flexfax or hylafax from BSDI
>2.1.  I wanted to make sure this was a clean compile and install.
>The build and install went without a hitch.  I also installed an internal
>Cardinal class 2 faxmodem on tty00.  I can access the modem using tip and
>can dial out on it with no problem. 
>Now this is where I am getting stuck.  Sending a fax using the command:
>sendfax -n -d "todd@faxnumber" -x "CISNet, Inc." -r "Test Fax" somefile
>Will queue the fax up but will not send it.  Faxstat shows the fax in the
>queue but I get an email message saying the modem is wedged.
>Faxq is running and I am using faxmodem tty00.  The system is for outgoing
>faxes only.  I will not be receiving faxes so I did not start faxgetty.
>Any hints, tips, pointers, FAQ's, etc. would be greatly appreciated....
>Todd Knaus	|      CISNet, Inc.	|      Youngstown  Ohio's
>Vice President	|   Internet Services	| Full Service Internet Provider
>(216)629-2691 P	|-----------------------|    
>(216)629-2692 F |   todd@cisnet.com   	|    http://www.cisnet.com 

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