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Re: hfaxd doesn't run on my linux

Dirk Lattermann wrote:
    Hello there,
    I compiled hylafax 4.00 pl1 recently on my linux-2.0.27 system
    (libc 5.4.7) without observing any compilation errors. When the
    installation script started hfaxd and each time I try to start it
    manually, hfaxd dies almost instantly with 
    Feb  7 13:40:55 localhost HylaFAX[338]: getpeername: Socket operation on non-socket
    . Has someone already experienced this? It would be very nice if someone
    could send me a hint.
    My machine is standalone, with an occasional SLIP-connection, in case that

please show the exact command line you are using if you start
hfaxd(1M) by hand or the exact line from the script you're using;
check the man page of hfaxd(1M) about the flags you must set if
you are not using inetd(1M) to start hfaxd(1M);


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