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Re: pager nro 411 para 6223315 falhou (fwd)

Mario de Mello Bittencourt Neto wrote:
    Hi all. I still can not send pages using sendpage. I can send fax using
    faxmail,sendfax,etc but not pages.  I have tried with two diferent paging
    companies (one of them in other city where a friend of mine successfully
    sent pages using sendpage) and got the same result.
    I will include both the log and the setup.modem.  It seems to me that this
    is a ATSomething that I am missing or miscofiguring. If anyone uses such
    modem or has a tip, please send me! :)
    LOG :
    Seu pager para 6223315 falhou por que :
        No initial ID response from paging central; too many attempts to send
        ---- Transcript of session follows ----
    Feb 07 15:27:03.97: [ 5971]: SESSION BEGIN 00000854 55926223315
    Feb 07 15:27:03.97: [ 5971]: SEND PAGE: JOB 411 DEST 6223315 COMMID 00000854
	<... trace and config deleted ...>

please set SessionTracing to 0x100f in your modem config file to see
the low-level IXO/TAP protocol in detail; if you can't find the
problem in it please come back to the list with this trace;


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