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                                           TEXAS GROUP - BANGLADESH
                                       e-mail address:  txgroup@usaor.net
                       ABC HOUSE (8TH FL), 8 KEMAL ATATURK AVENUE
           FAX: 880 288 3587    TEL: 880 288 6106 / 7358 / 6123 / 2079 / 4951


We had down loaded the source code of  HYLAFAX V4.0pl1 from  /sgi/fax/source
and installed it under LINUX  Slackware (3.0) from the C. D. which was bundled
with the book entitled "LINUX  UNLEASHED" ,second edition, published by  
SAMS  PUBLISHING, purchased by us.

1)   While installing  the above HYLAFAX, it  displayed  a module named  "faxq"
in the following prompt lines  against our command of  "faxsetup"

                        /usr/local/sbin/faxmodem cua0

instead of     /usr/etc/faxd -m /dev/cua0, shown in the  above book  (page 1055)
but  the module  "faxd" could not  be traced  in the specified directory which
may be the problem in our using the software to send or receive fax messages.
The module could not also be traced in the source program, down loaded
from the above C.D.

2)   We were also unable to activate  DOS  partition from LILO running on LINUX
as the operating system could not find the module named  "emufs.sys", as
mentioned  in the book  (page 1020) .

We should be grateful if you would kindly advise us by the return  e-mail
any particular step that we need to take to solve the problem, including
the sources where we can  download the missing programs from.

Thanks and Regds, SFA. 13/02/97

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