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Hylafax on Linux


I'm into troubles.
I've read you reply-message to 'Where to find mailfax.sh.sendmail'

I'm using linux v2.0.0 and sendmail v8.7.5.
But, having no luck using sendmail for faxing and e-mail.
Once, I've had sendmail working correctly for mail, the other time, it
worked only ok for Faxing.
Could you please send me a sample of your sendmail.cf ?


Herman Willekens

Herman Willekens               
E- Mail : herman.willekens@prosis.be
SnMail : Prosis Europe NV   
                Frankrijklei 121    
                B-2000 Antwerpen
Phone  : (32) 3 232.08.67
Fax       : (32) 3 232.07.81

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