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Problem w/ sendfax!

Hi all!

I have just installed hylafax-v4.0pl1 under Linux 2.0.27. I got a problem
with sendfax. I tried to send a "gif" file using sendfax but I got an
error message like this:

gif2tiff: illegal option -- 1
usage: gif2tiff [options] input.gif output.tif
where options are:
 -r #           make each strip have no more than # rows

 -c lzw[:opts]  compress output with Lempel-Ziv & Welch encoding
 -c zip[:opts]  compress output with deflate encoding
 -c packbits    compress output with packbits encoding
 -c none        use no compression algorithm on output

LZW and deflate options:
 #              set predictor value
For example, -c lzw:2 to get LZW-encoded data with horizontal differencing
Error converting data; command was "gif2tiff -1 -v 98 linux_sm.gif 

Seems like the "-1" option was not valid. Where do I change the option in
converting the gif file to tiff?


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