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RE: Problems with Winflex

On Friday, February 21, 1997 3:29 PM, Christian Schulz[SMTP:Christian.Schulz@munich.netsurf.de] wrote:
>Im running Hylafax v4.0pl1 under Linux 2.025. It is started by inetd in
>port 4559. Using the frontend Whfc under Windows95, everything works fine.
>Now I want to use Winflex for some WFW3.11 clients, so I entered in
>/ect/services the line "fax   4557/tcp" (like "hylafax  4559/tcp). Then I
>entered in inetd.conf for this service "fax" the same line as  the service
>"hylafax" but  with parameter -O (not -I as service hylafax).
>Telneting to localhost 4559, I get the message: 220 Hylafax ..... ready 
>Telneting to localhost 4557, I get only the connected message and the Escape
>character message.
>Starting Winflex, I can read in the log file (Hylafax server SG28-UNIX  is
>, client with Winflex is
>Information: Initialising WinSock library: LoadLibrary
>Information: Initialising WinSock library: WSAStartup()
>Information: Initialising WinSock library: finished
>Information: Connecting to 'SG28-UNIX'
>ERROR: Unable to find service name "fax": WSANO_DATA: No host data record of
>requested type
>WARNING: Connect("SG28-UNIX", "fax") failed.
>Information: Trying Connect("SG28-UNIX", 4557)
>Information: tcSocket(0DB7:B570): connect(4,, 4557)
>Information: Connect returned -1
>Information: tcSocket(0DB7:B570): Connection in progress...
>Information: Sending version information
>Information: Waiting for send queue status
>ERROR: error:Can not map your network address ( to a hostname
>ERROR: Giving up: Unexpected response from server
>Information: shutting down Winsock
>Information: WINSOCK.DLL unloaded
>In the hosts file in the Windows directory the host number is entered.
>After first using the binary contribution, I have compiled the Hylafax
>package complete, but this changes nothing.
>What have I to do for using Winflex ?
>Thank you,
>Christian Schulz   

Bad DNS tables or ~hylafax/etc/hosts incorrect

Uri Shkolnik - System Administrator
Harmonic Lightwaves (Israel)
Email: uri@harmonic.co.il
Tel: (972) 4 8550180 (Ext 122)

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