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MIME problem

I've installed HylaFax v4.0pl1 under Linux 2.0 on Intel with gcc 2.7.2
and Multi-Tech modem MT2834ZDX. I've setup fax-to-mail, and mail-to-fax
for our HylaFax server. Everything seems ok except that the MIME
attachment cannot be faxed out.

I've tried the following case:

1. fax machine --> our HylaFax --(fax-to-mail)--> tpc.int --   
(mail-to-fax)--> fax machine.
      everything brought out correctly.

2. fax machine --> our HylaFax --(fax-to-mail)--> our HylaFax --
   (mail-to-fax)--> fax machine
      MIME (clean 7bit encoded) attachment of postscript can't be 
      faxed out 
3. external MIME source (base64 encoded PS) --(mail-to-fax)-->
   our HylaFax --> fax machine
      everything brought out correctly.

It seems to me that 'faxmail' cannot decode the 7bit encoded MIME
postscript correctly even though the MIME attachment was encoded by
itself ! As 'tpc.int' could correctly handle the 7bit encoded PS MIME
attachment prepared by our 'faxmail', I believe that the 7bit MIME
encoding part should be O.K. Case 3 also showed that the base64 MIME
decoding part of 'faxmail' is O.K. as well. 

Now please inform how we could setup 'faxmail' decoding 7bit MIME
attachment correctly if it is not a bug. Or how we could setup 'faxmail'
to encode attachment with base64 instead of the default 7bit method
(assuming no problem with base64 MIME encoding by 'faxmail' cos' could
not test before hand). Thank you. 

Rgds !

Leo Wong

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