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WHFC Problem

Since WHFC version .1 came out, I have had several users using it without
problem on a daily basis.

I grabbed WHFC version .3 yesterday, and switched everyone over to it,
including a PC I have (all run Win95).  Today, a user reported a lockup
problem.  It happens on all but one PC.  To duplicate it, all I have
to do is go to fax something, bring up the phonebook, and many times after
I select an entry WHFC will lockup.  I am able to end the task by hitting
CNTR-ALT-DEL.  The times it doesn't lockup, when in the phonebook, if
I move the phonebook window around a few times I can get it to.  In other
words, it's pretty repeatable.

So, I switched a couple systems back to WHFC version .1 in hopes of fixing
the problem.  No joy.  It still happens on all but one system.  I am unable
to determine any difference between this one system and the rest.

I read the message the other day about a blank phonebook.  I found a
pbook.phb file with just "PBOOK 1.0" inside on all systems and deleted
it.  That didn't help.

None of my users have the same phonebooks - so it's not something contained
in the phonebooks.

Can anyone give me a clue where to look for the problem?



Tony Poole  Traverse City, MI USA  tony@umcc.umich.edu  tony@cherry1.trv.mi.us

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To: Royal Observatory Hong Kong <d1swdev@asiaonline.net>
cc: flexfax@sgi.com
Subject: Re: Large Scale usage of HylaFAX 
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 20:24:12 +0000
From: "Mr. Arlington Hewes" <tpcadmin@info.tpc.int>
Sender: owner-flexfax@celestial.com

In message <199703200812.QAA22457@asiaonline.net>, Royal Observatory Hong Kong 
> Hi,
> I am writing to see if anybody has the experience of using
> HylaFAX in a large scale (over 20 modems and sending a few
> thousand pages per day).
> I want to know if there is any problem and what is the 
> hardware required (e.q. processing power of CPU).

The London TPC.INT cell consists of 10 Multitech modems attached to a Central Data terminal server hanging off a SparcStation20.  It received 1341 MIME-encoded e-mail messages to TPC-style FAX numbers yesterday, imaged them appropriately (the ghostscript rasterisations are often the most CPU intensive operations by far) and sent a grand total of 2840 pages.

I'm pretty confident you don't need a SS20 to do the job, but cannot back this up with experience.


Mr. Arlington Hewes           (tpcadmin@info.tpc.int)
The TPC.INT Subdomain          (http://www.tpc.int/)

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