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cant set privileges

	dear all, 

	i have hylafax v4.0pl1 configured on a linux box running

	Hylafax is configured as inetd, with parameters:

hylafax stream  tcp     nowait  fax     /usr/local/fax/lib/hfaxd hfaxd -I

	The hosts file is:

	When i connect via sendfax, i receive the message:
	"Login failed: 550 Cannot set privileges."

	If i cut localhost and its IP from hosts, it
	requires password when i run cat|sendfax -d <faxnumber>

	What's the matter with this configuration ?!
	is there any parameter in inetd.conf that should
	be setted ?!

	best regards,
	rodrigo p abrantes
	system admnistrator
	painet informatica ltda

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