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Re: Unix FAX Software ?

Hello !

On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Alex Ongena wrote:

> or, even much better, a 'commercial' Win-95 front-end for Hylafax ;-)

	Hm. I have the same problem... Some months ago I thought about 
implementing a 'commercial grade' Hylafax Client for Windows 3.1, NT & 
95. (Win 3.1 should be optional...) My main problem with this thing is to 
find a easy and clean way to hook between a ps printer driver and the 
windows spooler system. The print file solution used with Winflex and WHFC 
isn't what I wanted (althought WHFC is a great step forward - thanks to the author)

	I tried to reverse engeneer a old Winfax version, but they are 
implementing there own printer driver - not a good solution for a highly 
modular system like Hylafax on Unix. I found also a Postscript Printer 
Driver from MS in Source (on a Developer Network CD), but thats a very 
old piece software - I don't want to start work with something 
praehistoric. Implementing a own dump printer driver and wrapping the whole 
pixel bunch in a postscript file isn't my way ;-))

	If someone with some more windows programming experience out there 
has a good idea how to handle this problem I would be very happy to 

Kind regards,

We can use symlinks of course... syslogd would be a symlink to syslogp and
ftpd and ircd would be linked to ftpp and ircp... and of course the
point-to-point protocal paenguin.
(Kevin M. Bealer, commenting on the penguin Linux logo.)

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