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Re: Unix FAX Software ?

>     have you tried looking at faximum??? check out
>     http://www.faximum.com
> A couple of veteran fax products with UNIX servers & Win95 clients
> are:
> 	FaxFX	http://www.devcom.com
> 	IsoFAX	http://www.bg.com
> but neither supports Linux and I'm not aware of any commercial fax
> products that do.  Perhaps there are Web/Java-based clients that'll
> work, but finding a Linux-based server seems unlikely.  The freely-
> available HylaFAX and mgetty might be all there is.
>     has anyone tried that product and have any comments about it????
> I couldn't use Faximum in a fax project I was working on at Cisco a
> few years ago because we needed automatic routing of incoming faxen
> and already had a partial investment in DID {hard,soft}ware, but I'd
> say it's a decent product.  I don't know if George Pajari, maintainer
> of the comp.dcom.fax FAQ in 1995, still works at Faximum Software, but
> he's a knowledgable guy.

How about www.brooktrout.com????  They have ip/fax routers that I believe
have support for did.....we're thinking about using brooktrout for a few
things....has anyone tried using the brooktrout ip fax router boards or
anything similar to it????


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