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Re: pagesend replacement?

Hal J Schechner wrote:
> Greetings,
>     I just browsed through the mailing list archives, looking for a
> replacement for pagesend, that will work with non IXO/TAP pager
> systems.  Pretty much what I need is to be able to send something
> like phone-number,,,,,,,,message and be done with it.  I would be
> willing to assume that if the line was not busy, that the page was
> sent.  There was one thread I saw, that dealt with this, and the
> suggestion was made to write a pagesend replacement.  If this has been
> done by anyone, are they willing to share code?  If not, I'll write
> one.  Would anyone be interested?
I guess that was me. I asked Mathias for some suggestions about that. My
problem was that I have a null modem connection to a pager terminal (and
that I had to do some language conversion for Thai characters. The
program is working so far, but it is not yet clean enough to distribute
it. The code is C and just about 100 lines long. If this is what you
want, I can mail it to you, but please understand that I don't put it in
the mailing list, since I do not want to show everybody what a bad
programmer I am ;-)

Best Regards

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