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Re: Unix FAX Software ?

On Thu,  3 Apr 1997 09:57 -0800, Anthony Talltree wrote:

    >I couldn't use Faximum in a fax project I was working on at Cisco a
    >few years ago because we needed automatic routing of incoming faxen
    How could a G3 fax be routed anyway?  Image processing to extract a
    receipient from a cover sheet?

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) routing provided everyone with unique
{hard,soft}ware-decoded fax numbers.  There's an explanation of it
at http://www.brooktrout.com/white/did.htm if you're interested.
And see http://www.faximum.com/faqs/fax.questions#Q.12 for other
fax routing methods.  I read something about T.30 (or some other
subaddressing standard?) being supported by more fax products in
the future, but that's a vague memory now that I'm out of the
fax support game (whew! :-).  Maybe other folks here have more
up-to-date info about that.


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