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Re: Waiting for modem to come ready

Alexandre Meissonnier wrote:
    For those who replied to my query,asking for more information,
    here is my modem config file.
    I start the faxgetty with the following line in my inittab:
    fax:234:respawn:/usr/local/HylaFAX-v4.0/slib/faxgetty tty2A
    As shown in the log file (previous message), the faxgetty
    process seems to start up normally. 
    Remember that my operating system is not Linux, but SCO 5.0.2.
    So here's my config.tty2A file: I copied it from the file
    spool/config/usr-2.0 in the HylaFAX distribution.

Did you run faxsetup(1M) or faxaddmodem(1M) for this modem?
Why do you *copied* it from the spool/config?
    # Configuration for using the Class 2.0 command interface
    # with a USR v.34 Courier or Sporster modem.

	<...deleted, nothing unusual to mention ...>

Please enable the tracing level for the FIFO messages passed
between the daemons and show the same situation as in your
first mail, e.g. one faxgetty(1M) initialization and one
faxsend(1M) after "running and idle". Please show your full
/etc/inittab. Are there "off" lines for the label "fax" or
other lines for /dev/tty2A or /dev/tty2a?


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