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2 features needed with Hylafax 4.0pl1


I don't think those 2 things are possible with Hylafax 4.0pl1 :

1) use faxrm to remove jobs owned by someone else even if I am root. For the 
moment, I need to telnet to hylafax port.

2) EASILY reuse jobs which failed and which documents are in docq. For the 
moment, I need to use sendfax -d <fax number> <document in docq> for each jobs 
failed and furthermore I need to know the fax number.

3) for the moment, documents of succeeded and failed jobs are kept in a same 
directory, docq. It would be great to separate those 2 kinds of documents in 
order to be able to kept for several days documents not sent to resend them 
without having a huge docq directory containing also documents sent.

It would be great to have those 2 features added in hylafax but I have no time 
and enough experience with Hylafax to do that.

Thanks in advance.		Gildas.
Gildas PERROT, perrot@francenet.fr         __o
FranceNet, 28 rue Desaix, 75015 Paris ---_ \<,_
http://www.francenet.fr            ---- (_)/ (_)

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