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Re: 2 features needed with Hylafax 4.0pl1

Gildas Perrot wrote:
    I don't think those 2 things are possible with Hylafax 4.0pl1 :
    1) use faxrm to remove jobs owned by someone else even if I am root. For the 
    moment, I need to telnet to hylafax port.

that's right;
    2) EASILY reuse jobs which failed and which documents are in docq. For the 
    moment, I need to use sendfax -d <fax number> <document in docq> for each jobs 
    failed and furthermore I need to know the fax number.

that's right again; you could reuse the information from the
notify e-mail in this case;

the existing new client/server protocol (see hfaxd(1M)) has all
needed features to build clients which can reuse existing and/or
failed jobs and documents;
    3) for the moment, documents of succeeded and failed jobs are kept in a same 
    directory, docq. It would be great to separate those 2 kinds of documents in 
    order to be able to kept for several days documents not sent to resend them 
    without having a huge docq directory containing also documents sent.
    It would be great to have those 2 features added in hylafax but I have no time 
    and enough experience with Hylafax to do that.

there are hooks for this in the existing software (e.g. you could
move things to right places in the notify(1M) script);


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