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Re: Page Width..Still a problem

>OK so no one has an answer. How about this? Can anyone tell me where and
>how the "DEVICES" get added to GS. I think it's a GS problem, well
>actually a driver problem, maybe. What really confuses me is that it
>works fine in Letter mode but not in Legal mode.

>Brian Walters<------------------------------------>macbnr@compassnet.com
>      "How many computers can one have before they become obsessed???"

I'll attempt to take a shot at this.

I've had problems similar to yours. Some of the programs we use here define
page sizes in a way that confuses Ghostscript. ie: A landscape 8.5x11 page
is seen by GS as a portrait 11x8.5 page. Needless to say HylaFax complains
about this. After studying the GS manual which I got from
http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/index.php I added the command -dFIXEDMEDIA
to the GS command line and pages are rotated as needed and fax properly.
The manual says that it will rotate or scale to automatically to fit the
requested page size.

The script ps2fax.gs (which is a link to ps2fax) is where the GS command
line is assembled. I simply inserted the command into the script. I have
not had any problems since doing this. Everything we fax is generated on
Macs using the Adobe LaserWriter driver. This is also where the device is
specified; -sDEVICE=$DEVICE (which is tiffg3 in this case).

I'm running HylaFax 4.0pl1 on Slackware Linux, kernel 2.0.29, Ghostscript 4.03.

You also might want to look at the PPD on the client machine and see how it
defines the imageable area of legal as oposed to letter. They should be the
same but I've seen stranger things in PPD files. You also could redifine
the page as being slightly smaller here, though this could cause problems
if you use the same driver for printing.

Hope this helps.

Vini Myles

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