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fax polling

Hi there,

normal fax sending/receiving works very well, but polling doesn't.
If I submit a job via "sendfax -p -d 06155660915" I get this
faxstat output:

HylaFAX scheduler on fix.kmk.rhein-main.de: Running
Modem ttyS9 (+49.6172.767944): Running and idle
Modem ttyS3 (+49.6172.767944): Running and idle

JID  Pri S  Owner Number       Pages Dials     TTS Status
16   127 W    kai 06155660915   0:0   0:12

The modem never dials or even tries to. What I'm missing?

Kai Kretschmann,
  >>>   FidoNet:  2:2461/312, 21:491/2161   <<<
  >>>   Internet: kai@kmk.rhein-main.de     <<<
  >>>   FAX/BBS:  +49-6172-767944           <<<

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