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Re: HylaFaxV4.0pl1 on UnixWare 2.XX

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997 william@irs.tatung.com.tw wrote:

> Hi, Matthias and Tim Rice
> Thanks for your answer ?
> i compile and install the HylaFaxV4.0pl1 on UnixWare 2.03.
> So far so good. Then i use "sendfax -n -d 5984467 config" 
> to send a small document(about 8 linws)  to a Fax Machine. 
> >From the session log, everything is ok, but 
>   the receiver only get some of the context.
>   (it looks like half page, and some lines are merged together). 

Sounds like a hand-shaking problem, I'd check your cable connection;
as you say, the session log looks ok.
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