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Re: Page Width..Still a problem

>I have problems with "Page Width...", but the solution is not clear to me.
>Here is the script part which defined the paper size

The only thing I've changed in the ps2fax script right now is later down 
in the script I added paper=legal. I guess this just circumvents the case 
statement you listed. Look in the logs and tell me what the page width 
error says. If it mentions the fax wanting 1728 and image being 1734 then 
you should try the Aladdin GS 4.03. Also I think I had to change 
in the ps2fax script when I started using gs 4.03.

Now that you mention it I need to look at the case statement in ps2fax 
and see if I can adjust that to have a legal choice as well. That would 
certainly allow me to send both legal and letter under normal 
circumstances. Of course this isn't a big deal for me now since the 
client only wants Legal sheets faxed.

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Original-Received: by 
                   tferi3.uni-mb.si (UCX V3.2 VAX) Thu, 10 Apr 1997 15:08:48 
PP-warning: Illegal Received field on preceding line
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 15:08:44 +0000
From: TANCER ALES <ales.tancer@uni-mb.si>
To: flexfax@sgi.com
Subject: Re: Problems installing modem with faxaddmodem
Sender: owner-flexfax@celestial.com

> On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, Ales Tancer wrote:
> > HI!
> >
> > 	My name is Ales and i'm new with HylaFax. I have a problem with
> > installing fax device for use in HylaFax. I've got source code of
> > HylaFax v4.0p11alpha022. I compiled it under Linux (RedHat 4.0 -
> > Colgate). There are two modems in my computer. First one is USRobotics
> > Sporster 28.8K (internal) and some kind of ISDN modem. ISDN modem is not
> > important in this case, because i want to use HylaFax with USR. Whole
> > instalation went smooth only there was a problem when HylaFax should
> > create a user acc named fax. So i created it my self and run faxsetup
> > again. The modem is on COM3 - ttyS2. So i simply typed ttyS2 and all the
> > stuff that is needed to setup modem. Faxaddmodem checks speed of modem
> > and it stops at 19200. But after choosing speed i get messege "Modem is
> > not responding....". Modem is not on a direct line, but on a phone
> In that case "Modem is not responding..." means that software is not
> recieving feedback for the "AT" commands it has sent. There is no line
> test at that stage as far as I know.
> Modems on COM3 often cause hardware conflicts with COM1 since they share
> the same hardware IRQ. You may try one of these:
> * Disable COM1 from the bios setup - if the port is on board - else with
> the jumpers on the I/O card.
> * Disable both COM1 and COM3 as described above and set your internal USR
> modem to COM1.
> * Configure your internal modem to use an IRQ other than 3 or 4 (using
> IRQ 5, 7 or 9 may be a good idea), then configure your rc.serial for the
> new IRQ setting.
> Re-run faxsetup.
> Good luck.
> Emre Sezginer
> METU Computer Center
 Thanx all 4 you're help. Modem is now configured. First it was on COM3 
IRQ7 and cu worked ok. So i don't know where was the problem. I moved it 
to COM4 IRQ3 and now is working fine. 


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