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Re: WHFC 0.3b

On Mon, 14 Apr 1997, Ulrich Eckhardt wrote:

> Hi,
> i also run faxq and hfaxd stand alone. Do you send documents with
> graphics ?. WHFC does only sporadic updates of it's windows when it
> send data to the server.

Most of the stuff that we send are Word documents. I've no idea just
how big they get after passing thru' the Postscript printer driver;
but I can say that one can wait for 5 minutes (and I do mean 5 minutes
- by the clock) and nothing happens - then we kill the job.

> I use the PASV-Mode to make data connections to the HylaFAX-Server.
> Could there be a problem ? because the data transfer to the server
> seems relative slow.

Well, using `sendfax -h' from other hosts on our network to our
HylaFAX server host seem to go thru' at an adequate rate (on the other
hand, the data is zipped before it is sent..).
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