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Re: WHFC 0.3b

> On Mon, 14 Apr 1997, Ulrich Eckhardt wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > i also run faxq and hfaxd stand alone. Do you send documents with
> > graphics ?. WHFC does only sporadic updates of it's windows when it
> > send data to the server.
> Most of the stuff that we send are Word documents. I've no idea just
> how big they get after passing thru' the Postscript printer driver;
> but I can say that one can wait for 5 minutes (and I do mean 5 minutes
> - by the clock) and nothing happens - then we kill the job.
> > I use the PASV-Mode to make data connections to the HylaFAX-Server.
> > Could there be a problem ? because the data transfer to the server
> > seems relative slow.
> Well, using `sendfax -h' from other hosts on our network to our
> HylaFAX server host seem to go thru' at an adequate rate (on the other
> hand, the data is zipped before it is sent..).


I have been playing around with WHFC myself at work here.  I have whfc 
installed on a samba mounted drive on my PC, with the public phone book there
as well.  My PC is running Win95.

Hylafax is running in the "daemon" mode, not being started from inetd.

I too am experiencing the "Hanging".  I typically am sending no graphics 
from MS Word 7.  I have the printer driver set as per the previous sets of

I figured I'd throw this out for consideration.  It might set off an alarm 
in someone's head.

The "Offline mode spool directory is " C:\TMP\FAXSPOOL\

The spool file for me is C:\TMP\FAXOUT.PS

Initially, that file does not exist, nor does any other *.ps file.

I print from MS Word to the appropriate printer, and magically, WHFC Pops up.
At this time, the directory looks like:

FAXOUT   PS         53,070  04-14-97  5:24p FAXOUT.PS
~FAX0000 PS         53,070  04-14-97  5:23p ~fax0000.ps
~FAX0001 PS         53,070  04-14-97  5:24p ~fax0001.ps

Now, this looks a bit strange to me, I can understand there being one copy 
of the Postscript output, but Two Copies???

It is at this point that things hang.  It seems to be more time
related than anything else.  I can move the window around, pull up the 
address book, switch to another application.

About 5 seconds later, WHFC will hang.  I read the WWW page, & the FAQ in
there stated that it may have to do with the sockets class ( or some 
such thing ), but up to this point I can't imagine anything is being done
over the network.

Just to make sure that the network wasn't the problem, I switched to Offline

The identical thing happens.  The three files show up in a directory listing,
and after about 4-5 seconds, the window has the appearance of "Shifting"
down" on the screen by about the width of the BLUE Windoze title bar, then
it hangs.

Just to make sure it wasn't some bogus DLL that is on my system, I downloaded
the statically linked version of WHFC.  No dice, exactly the same thing.

This is very easily repeated on my system.  If a debug version of WHFC
was available, with logging of what it is doing, I would be more than 
willing to participate in an effort to resolve this problem.

	Steve Williams, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
	Genie Computer Systems Inc.

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