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Re: WHFC 0.3b Lockups

Steve Williams wrote:
> Howdy,
> I have been playing around with WHFC myself at work here.  I have whfc
> installed on a samba mounted drive on my PC, with the public phone book there
> as well.  My PC is running Win95.
> Hylafax is running in the "daemon" mode, not being started from inetd.
> I too am experiencing the "Hanging".  I typically am sending no graphics
> from MS Word 7.  I have the printer driver set as per the previous sets of
> email.
> I figured I'd throw this out for consideration.  It might set off an alarm
> in someone's head.
> At this time, the directory looks like:
> FAXOUT   PS         53,070  04-14-97  5:24p FAXOUT.PS
> ~FAX0000 PS         53,070  04-14-97  5:23p ~fax0000.ps
> ~FAX0001 PS         53,070  04-14-97  5:24p ~fax0001.ps
> Now, this looks a bit strange to me, I can understand there being one copy
> of the Postscript output, but Two Copies???


thanks for this hint, i think i have found the problem now. The
printer manager sends two messages of the type WM_SPOOLERSTATUS, so
that whfc trys to open the sendfax dialog twice, or even reconnect
to the server during a running transmission which ends sometimes in 
strange behaviour of whfc and the server (and it may lead to the
problem of the "command error, expecting command token" bug).

I have uploaded a fixed pre release (dynamic only) on 
ftp://ftp.rgw-express.de/pub/whfc/whfc.zip but i have not updated the
web-page, because i have tested it only under Win95 (and will do some

I will try to get out a better version on friday. However if 
someone has some time to test it, if it runs on his system 
(and send me a E-Mail if it works or not) this would help me.


Ulrich Eckhardt		                   mailto:uli@rgw-express.de
Truly great madness can not be achieved without significant
intelligence. (Henrik Tikkanen)

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