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Re: faxgetty

jens martens wrote:
    i am sorry if this isnt the right way to post a question.
    tell me how i can do that if this way is wrong, please.
    my problem:
    sunsparc5 with HylaFAX 4.
    everything works fine(send+recieve)!
     - but - ahem, how can i implement
    the command "faxgetty ttyb" so it works at startup?
    (ttyb was configured with admintool)
    so far i always the command "faxgetty ttyb" by hand (dont laugh)
    thanks for a hint

You could start it from an entry in the file inittab(4F)
or from a script in /etc/rc2.d executed during system boot.
Read the INSTALL-notes for the svr4.2 binary distribution
(e.g. at http://www.sisis.de/INSTALL-x86-svr4.2-v4.0pl0.php),
the same script should also work for your system type.


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