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Re: Probs using 2-D MR on transmission

On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, Glenn Burkhardt wrote:

> >  From: Fred Meyer <fred@mediswitch.co.za>
> >  Hi folks,
> >  
> >  ...i'm using HylaFAX v4.0pl1 build from source on a Linux box.
> >  The Faxmodem is a MultiTech MT2834ZDXI, which should support 2-D MR
> >  transmissions.
> >  
> Not all ZDX modems support 2D encoding.  Models more than a year or two
> old probably do not.  Check by issuing this query:
> The response from a newer model (firmware rev 2.13A or 3.13A) will be
> +FDCC=(0-1),(0-5),(0-4),(0-2),(0-2),(0),(0),(0-7)
>                                 ^
> The fifth item                  |
> is the encoding capability of the modem.  If this value is '(0)', your
> modem only supports 1D encoding.

...yes, that is exactly what the modem reports...

Here's an other hint: 
in the q-file of an unsuccessful attempt, one can find:

signalrate:0 bit/s
dataformat:2-D MMR
status:No carrier detected

...what does 2-D MMR encoding compared to 2-D MR mean?


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