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Re: FreeBSD 2.2.1-Release & HFax 4.0pl1

On Fri, 25 Apr 1997 raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu wrote:

> Hmm. net/errno.h should not be searched for if not present on the
> system, "configure" should set that. Same for termiox.h, modem.h,
> crypt.h, and sys/mkdev.h, all of which have flags which determine
> their use, set with the CheckForInclude function in configure.
> Have you thrown out your previous compilations and tried to work
> from clean source, with only those config.local settings that
> you need to alter for new compilation? 

Just tried it again...  config.local....you mean ./config.site  ?

I change  #SGI2FAX="auto"    to   #SGI2FAX="no"    to get rid of other
errors. Tried ./configure, then make, same thing. bunch off  net/errno.h
errors, etc...

Tony Mori
Systems Administrator
CompuSOURCE Internet Services

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