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Re: sendpage

Ted asks:
>How much of the hylafax software must I run to get the sendpage part to 

Pretty much all of it.  faxgetty runs the show as far as the modem is
concerned.  You might consider removing the fax executables, but they
are pretty handy.  I suppose that you might also delete the faxdaemon,
claiming to the install process that it is run out of inetd.  Unless
you are really starved for memory, I don't know what that'll get you.

On my sparc 10, I show the three running HylaFax processes consuming
750 Kbytes of core.  They are faxgetty, faxd, and faxq.  I think that
I have seen all three involved in the paging process, so I am not sure
if anything other than a bit of disk space can be saved.

I got it just for the paging as well, but ended up using it for most
all of my faxes.

As it is a tightly integrated piece of software, I think that you will
have more trouble than the effort will save of computer resources.  As
well, folks on the list will be hard pressed to help if they don't know
what you've done to the S/W.


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