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Re: tiff-v3.4beta036

At 02:48 PM 1997/4/29 -0700, you wrote:
>I was just told by Cary Leung that I need the tiff-v3.4beta036 to run
>HylaFAX on solaris-x86. I downloaded it and as usual it needs to be
>compiled to work. Where can I get it in binary form already compiled?
>I am not a programmer and all this software is useless if I cannot get a
>pre-compiled version of all the software.
Dear Ted,

If you already get tiff software from sgi.com, You can type the following
to setup.

./configure i386-unknown-solaris2.5


make install

This can compile and install the software, If you had not get it from
sgi.com, I 
had a compiled version in our ftp server.


Good luck.

Cary Leung
(System Administrator)
TEL: +(852)-2803-5650
FAX: +(852)-2575-0992

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