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HylaFAX for HP/UX 10.20


I've gotten HylaFAX 4.0ALPHA22 built and installed, but can't get it
configured.  faxsetup works, faxaddmodem can't seem to poll the
correct speed. At this point faxaddmodem exits.

0) Current Installation:

	HylaFAX Distribution:	HylaFAX v4.0pl1 ALPHA 022
	GhostScript:		Aladdin Ghostscript 4.03 (1996-9-23)
	TIFF			3.4beta ALPHA 036
	uname -s -r -v -m:	HP-UX B.10.20 A 9000/715
	Compiler:		gcc version 2.7.2
	Modem:			USRobotics Courier V.32bis V.34+ Fax 

1) After some debugging of faxaddmodem I've found the commands/results
   are not being echo'ed, so the script never sees the results.

2) I've read the HP man pages for /dev/tty, cu, modem, and others. I
   am still unsure which entry to use:

   >bighost # ll /dev/*0p*
   >crw-rw-r--   1 bin        bin          1 0x000001 Apr 30 11:13 /dev/cua0p0
   >crw-rw-r--   1 bin        bin          1 0x000001 Apr 30 11:13 /dev/cul0p0
   >crw--w--w-   1 bin        bin          1 0x000000 Apr 30 15:23 /dev/tty0p0
   >crw--w----   1 uucp       bin          1 0x000002 Apr 30 11:14 /dev/ttyd0p0

3) I've used cu to talk to the modem, see the following output:

   >bighost # cu -l ttyd0p0
   >Configuration Profile...
   >Product type           US/Canada External
   >Options                V32bis,Terbo,VFC,V34+
   >Fax Options            Class 1/Class 2.0
   >Clock Freq             20.16Mhz
   >Eprom                  256k
   >Ram                    32k
   >Supervisor date        07/12/95
   >DSP date               07/05/95
   >Supervisor rev         6.2.3
   >DSP rev                1.2.4
   >USRobotics Courier V.32bis V.34+ Fax Settings...
   >   B0  C1  E1  F1  M1  Q0  V1  X7
   >   BAUD=9600   PARITY=N  WORDLEN=8
   >   &A3  &B1  &C1  &D2  &G0  &H1  &I0  &K1  &L0  &M4  &N0
   >   &P0  &R2  &S0  &T5  &X0  &Y1  %N6  
   >   S00=000  S01=000  S02=043  S03=013  S04=010  S05=008  S06=002  S07=060  
   >   S08=002  S09=006  S10=007  S11=070  S12=050  S13=000  S14=000  S15=000  
   >   S16=000  S17=000  S18=000  S19=000  S20=000  S21=010  S22=017  S23=019  
   >   S24=150  S25=005  S26=001  S27=000  S28=008  S29=020  S30=000  S31=000  
   >   S32=009  S33=000  S34=000  S35=000  S36=000  S37=000  S38=000  S39=000  
   >   S40=000  S41=000  S42=126  S43=200  S44=015  S45=000  S46=000  S47=000  
   >   S48=000  S49=000  S50=000  S51=000  S52=000  S53=000  S54=064  S55=000  
   >   S56=000  S57=000  
   >   LAST DIALED #:                                       

4) I've searched the last year's worth of mail archive, read the trouble
   shooting advice and still I'm floundering. I'd gladly accept pointers
   to doc's or fixes.

	I think the ondelay program is working as designed....

Evan R.
Evan Roberts                               Web:   http://www.healthcare.com
Healthcare Communications Inc              Voice: (972) 851-7075
15301 Dallas Parkway, Suite 950            Fax:   (972) 851-7045
Dallas, Texas 75248-4605                   Email: eroberts@healthcare.com

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