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WHFC-3d problem being too fast.

Hi all,

I installed whfc-3d according the readme file on a Win-95 486-DX4
A first test sending a doc from M$-Word seemed to work, however when
I try to send a multiple page document (say 5 pages), sometimes 1 page
is taken by whfc, sometimes 2 or 4 but nearly never the 5 pages.

Whfc pops up too fast, before M$-Word finisches his job printing to
the 'faxspool' file resulting in only a part of the document being
>From earlier readings on the list, I understud that whfc takes a
copy of the 'faxspool' file to transmit it to Hylafax. When I look in
my spool directory 'tmp', I indead see 2 files: faxspool and ~fax0000.ps.
The differ in size !!! When I try multiple times, the file size of
~fax0000.ps is always different.

1) this will be the cause of my problem.
2) how can whfc know when printing to 'faxspool' is finished ?
3) is there another reason why this fails ?
4) is there a locking problem ? (my c:\tmp\faxspool is on a HD, no network)

Any help is welcome.


Hylafax 4.0pl1 on Linux
Whfc-3.0d on Win-95
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