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Re: Permissions on received documents

Joel B. Stalder wrote:
    Hello all,
    I'm interested in using a ftp client to logon to the hylafax port and
    "download" faxes from the recvq directory. Well, everything works just
    fine, except for the fact that the faxes are stored as mode 600, which, of
    course, means that I cannot retrieve the file.

you may use the hfaxd(1M) protocol to retrieve the files from
the spooling area; for more information see the man page of
    Now I've noticed the "RecvFileMode" key in the etc/config.[device] file,
    but it does not seem to make any difference.
    Has anyone come across this before? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

setting RecvFileMode to 0644 should work but I wouldn't suggest it;


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