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Re: texfmt error, line breaks, linux

Leif Erlingsson wrote:
> I have solved this, and posted a couple of patches on the list back in
> February.
> The patches are
> ~1.4 KB     Text, "/usr/src/hylafax-v4.0pl1/util/TextFmt.h.patch"
> ~2.1 KB     Text, "/usr/src/hylafax-v4.0pl1/util/TextFmt.c++.patch"
> If You cannot get hold of the patches from this list, please write
>              To: HylaFax <hylafax@lege.com>
> with    Subject: HylaFax-Patch
> This will trigger an autoresponder I just set up, and mail back to you a
> copy of the mail I sent to Sam back in February, with the patches.
> Apply them, make clean and recompile.
> The text of the message was...
> Above patches solves ``textfmt'' bugs on any platform/any OS and if
> applied by hand, applicable also to older versions of hylafax. Now no
> more problems with international character sets and textfmt!

> > Iīve read the FAQ and the mailinglist archive and I see that many people
> > have had trubble with the texfmt. I too have a seroius problem. I get a
> > line break after every Swedish ascii token, (in umlaut they are: &auml;
> > &aring; &ouml; ). Iīve seen many fixes and patches and stuff but nothing on
> > someone really getting this thing to work.
> >
> >
> > Please, is there someone who has solved this and if so, why isnīt it
> > included in the distribution???
> >
> > Hylafax is completely useless to me if canīt handle Swedish ascii.
> >
> >
> >
> > Peter
> Good Luck!      And Peter, please report back any success stories with my
> patches back to the list, for the benefit of the next guy. Thanks!


Well, I forgot to write to the mailing list so I'll do that now. The
problem with using 8-bit ascii, like when using Swedish is solved by
using Leif's patches (read above for instructions). Thank you Leif! I
did some mistakes when trying to use those patches at first.

When I first got hylafax (4.0pl1) I used the binary for linux. It didn't
work with swedish ascii. Then I downloaded the source and applied Leif's
patches, compiled and replaced (only) the textfmt in the binary
distribution with the new one . It didn't work even though the versions
are the same. There are probably some good reasons why this doesn't
work, and a more experienced person probably would have avoided this in
the first place. But hey :-) we learn by doing mistakes. So I just
replaced _all_ (make install) of the binary with the compiled source and
it works!!

Advice: Compile your own !

Peter Bolmehag

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