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Re: error 54

On Tue, 20 May 1997, Oliver Joa wrote:

> Hi,
> erverytime I send a fax, I get the error-code 54:
> <-- [data]
> <-- [data]
> --> [ok]
> <-- [at+fet=0]
> --> [+fhng:54]
> REMOTE HANGUP: NO response to EOP repeated 3 times
> The page is correctly send, but the remote fax abort with error 54.
> What does this mean?
> I use Linux 2.0.27, hylafax4.0pl1 an old 14400 Modem (class2) and a
> 486DX4/100.

i don't think that these problems are related to your hardware or
configuration....IMO the msg simply means, that the remote fax machine
has NOT acknowleged the EOP (EndOfPage) command, send by your modem.
I've had the same effect for some documents, but after one or more
retries, the document went through fine...to the same destination.

...noisy phone line??


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