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Re: REMOTE HANGUP: Unspecified Transmit Phase B error (code 20)

Hello again,

one more piece of Info:

I'm using the SAME Modem on a SGI connected to the same Telco system...

        [dali: home/pfuetz] {25} % uname -a
        IRIX dali 5.3 11091810 IP7 mips
        [dali: home/pfuetz] {26} % /usr/local/bin/sysinfo
                General Information
        Host Name is             dali
        Host Aliases is          dali-fddi dali-fddi 
        Host Address(es) is 
        Host ID is               c0a8c880
        Serial Number is         392923454
        Manufacturer is          sgi (Silicon Graphics, Inc.)
        Main Memory is           128 MB
        Virtual Memory is        601 MB
        Number of CPUs is        8
        CPU Type is              mips R2000A/R3000 2.0
        App Architecture is      mips
        Kernel Architecture is   IP7
        OS Name is               IRIX
        OS Version is            5.3
        Kernel Version is        IRIX Release 5.3 IP7 Version 11091810 System V (32 bit)
        Boot Time is             Fri Apr 25 10:03:51 1997
                Device Information
        cpuboard0 is a "IP7 CPU Board"
        fpu0 is a "Floating Point Unit"
        obserial0 is a "Onboard Serial Ports" serial device
        dcache is a "64 KB Data Cache"
        icache is a "64 KB Instruction Cache"
        sdcache is a "256 KB Secondary Data Cache"
        mainmem is a "127 MB Main Memory"
        clover-1 is a "Clover 2 I/O Board" system card
        VGX is a "VGX (PowerVision) Graphics" frame buffer
        c0d0 is a disk drive
        et0 is a "IP5 Integral Ethernet" network interface
        ipg0 is a "Interphase/SGI 4211 Peregrine FDDI" network interface
        dks1 is a "SCSI WD 33C93A" disk controller
            dks1d5 is a "HP C3325A 5020" disk drive
            dks1d4 is a "DEC DSP5200S T392" disk drive
            dks1d3 is a "DEC DSP5200S T392" disk drive
        dks0 is a "SCSI WD 33C93A" disk controller
        tps0d7 is a "QIC-150 1/4" Cartridge" tape drive
        tps0d6 is a "Exabyte 8200 8mm Cartridge" tape drive
        vme1 is a "VME" system bus
        [dali: home/pfuetz] {27} % 

There I'm running HylaFAX v3.0pl1 with the following config.ttym45 file:

        CountryCode:		49
        AreaCode:		6151
        FAXNumber:		"+49 6151 155-199"
        LongDistancePrefix:	0
        InternationalPrefix:	00
        DialStringRules:	etc/dialrules
        ServerTracing:		1
        SessionTracing:		11
        RecvFileMode:		0666
        LogFileMode:		0600
        DeviceMode:		0600
        RingsBeforeAnswer:	0
        SpeakerVolume:		off
        LocalIdentifier:	"+49-6151-155199  HDGDV DARMSTADT"
        TagLineFont:		etc/lutRS18.pcf
        TagLineFormat:		"%%l|P%%p    %d.%m.%y   %R"
        MaxRecvPages:		25
        UUCPLockTimeout:	30
        LogFacility:		local6
        ModemType:		Class2		# use class 2 interface
        ModemRate:		19200
        ModemWaitForConnect:	yes		# wait for CONNECT on answer
        ModemFlowControl:	xonxoff
        ModemFlowControlCmd:	AT&K4		# software flow control
        ModemSetupDTRCmd:	AT&D2		# DTR off causes modem to reset
        ModemSetupDCDCmd:	AT&C1		# DCD follows carrier
        ModemSetupAACmd:	AT+FCLASS=0;+FAA=1 # enable in class 0
        ModemBaudRateDelay:	2000		# delay 2sec
        ModemResetCmds:		ATX3S10=8S38=1
        ModemSendFillOrder:	LSB2MSB		# as expected
        ModemRecvFillOrder:	MSB2LSB		# opposite of what makes sense
        Class2RecvDataTrigger:	"\022"		# a la 2388-B
        DestControls:		etc/destcontrols

I (Matthias Pftzner) wrote:
> I'm using HylaFAX 4.0 PL1 on a Sun running SunOS 5.5.1:
> Im using a Creatix SG 144 Modem on /dev/cua/a and/or /dev/term/a.

So it must be a problem of Software/Hardware I guess, because the modem does
work at the SGI for more then two years now...

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