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RE: font metric information files?

At 01:26 AM 5/28/97 -0600, Henry H Lu <honglu@rt66.com> wrote:
>still faxsetup will give me this error and textfmt won't run because of 
>this error. Why can't hylafax find font metric information file for the 
>Courier font?  I installed full package of ghostcript and ghostcript 
>fonts from redhat 3.0.3 release.

Hi, Henry.

I've sent directly to you a couple of copy emails on this subject - 
firstly an addition to Q44 of the HylaFAX FAQ which I have submitted to
Matthias; secondly, some draft notes I made when installing and configuring
the binary package for Linux Redhat. 

Basically, HylaFAX doesn't read the Fontmap, and expects to find a file
called 'Courier Bold.afm'. 

Good Luck!
Phil Watkinson,
Boston, UK.

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