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Development questions

Hello all,
	I'm new to this mailing list and to HylaFAX in general but would like
to ask a few questions about HylaFAX itself and some general development questions.

1. Is there a separate development mailing list?

2. With the question of receiving faxes for multiple users :
	i. With the storage of the received faxes on a server how perceivable is it
	   to access these faxes via a web browser for easy down-loading?
	ii.Can HylaFAX sort received faxes for different recipients?
	iii.Are there any limitations with HylaFAX and the way in which it sorts or
	   determines who the received fax is for?

3. With the email->fax gateway implementation :
	i. What other formats of files are supported for sending other than plain
	   text. Attachments either in .ps or other formatted documents like M$ word
	   .doc documents or other formatted program specific documents.
	ii.Does say a word .doc attachment have to be converted to .ps before sending
	   in the email to be faxed?
	iii.Can notification of successful/unsuccessful faxes be sent not only back to
	    the senders email address but to a pager?

4. What type of logging / tracking or what level does HylaFAX implement so that it
can log exactly who is sending faxes and who is receiving them.

5. Am I allowed to modify/alter the code to include some specific features that I need
implemented for company use, and what obligations if any do I have?

Some background information...

I am looking at implementing a fax server solution that sends and receives faxes both
conventially and through the use of email. I am then looking at implementing faxing
alert with the use of my companies pager service and GSM SMS technology. Email to
paging and Email to SMS and vice versa is already setup so I am looking to make use
of email to do the alerting of sent / received faxes.

On top of this I want to be able to retrieve faxes stored on a server via a web browser
or get them sent via email to a specified address for collection.

Although not extremely important the use of realaudio and a voice mailbox implementation
with the use of a web browser also would complete the service. Email can be used here as 
well, but sound files are bordering on the too large to make this efficient.

Thats some background information on what I want to accomplish in the coming months and
I can already see that HylaFAX has some of the features I want already there.

Fell free to email myself with any advice/help or situations from your own experiences.


Anthony Green

Hutchison Internet					Level 1, 40 Pacific Highway
Technical Sales Consultant				St Leonards NSW 2065
Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Limited	Phone: +61-2-99644888
Telecommunications from Hutchison Whampoa Limited	Fax:   +61-2-99644848

Version: 3.1
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