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Re: HylaFAX and further development

At 11:45 AM 7/15/97 +0000, you wrote:
>At 05:17 PM 7/15/97 +1200, Jonathan Chen <jonc@pinnacle.co.nz> wrote:
>>One thing I've noticed about the list lately is that we appear to
>>running slightly out of steam. Development on HylaFAX (fixes and more
>>importantly enhancements) have basically ground to a halt (either
>>that, or I'm not on the development list).


>I've noticed the same thing, and agree with your thoughts. And I'd better
>say first that I'm one of the worst, contributing for a day or two, then
>disappearing ( well, lurking ) for the rest of the month. 

Me too.  I have a simple setup, so haven't really had a need, or opportunity
to delve into it.  I have gleaned a lot from "lurking" and reading all the
tips and solutions.

>The mailing list seems to have plenty of practical, admin people who have
>problems to fix and are willing to share solutions with other people. What
>we are missing the C++ programmers (ideally a team) who are happy to delve
>into the code and produce patches, workrounds - even just to tell us what
>the existing code actually does ( a recent thread in the list ).

Again agree.  I'm not a proficient C++ programmer, and find the code quite
scary, but personally would like to see this type of discussion too so by
the time I am proficent, I could be "schooled" in Hylafax.

>The answer? I dunno. Somehow we need to encourage other people onto the 
>list. Perhaps documentation of the source code to make easier for someone
>new to get to grips with it ? Anyone else got any ideas ?

Any gurus out there who want to lead us newbies?

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