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weird sendmailerror with email->gate setup

I am getting this error when I send email to our fax server.

Jul 18 14:00:22 news sendmail[18835]: OAA18834:
to="|/usr/contrib/lib/hylafax/mailfax -d jim@5419474.fax", 
delay=00:00:01, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=prog,
stat=unknown mailer error 255
Jul 18 14:00:22 news sendmail[18835]: OAA18834: OAA18835: DSN: unknown
mailer error 255

I have an alias setup for the user who is supposed to be faxed and when I
send the email to jim@fax.nucleus.com it gets mail to the fax server
machine and the above error is generated..  Does anyone know what I did
wrong in setting up the email -> fax

I am at wits end and can not figure this out...

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